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What is PZP?

PZP is also known as ZonaStat-D and is federally approved by the EPA.


PZP is a protein-based dart administered immunocontraceptive that is given only to the female does. 

PZP uses the deer's natural immune system to prevent pregnancy and breaks the cycle of new fawns being born.




 Culling is an annual killing program that does 
NOT keep the
numbers down

If there are more resources like food and space-deer respond by having MORE fawns!

So instead of one new fawn, does are more likely to have twins and triplets.

PZP is Effective

PZP is 80%-90% effective in preventing new births.


This results in a 10% reduction in overall deer population ever year.  


This is how a 50% population reduction has been realized in just 5 years where PZP has been used.

Source: The Humane Society of the United States

Expected Herd Size Line Graph.png

PZP is

The use of PZP over a 5 year period only costs $240k versus culling, which has a 5 year cost of $400k.

Culling is an annual killing program that does NOT keep the numbers down.


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