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Our mission is to protect, preserve, and promote

The Good Life for All

who call Tega Cay home.


TCWCS's current wildlife
focus is on our deer.

In Tega Cay most can agree there are too many deer.

The high number of deer are a concern and conflict for some residents.

The TCWCS is committed using science and research to find the most cost-effective, long term, and sustainable solution to reducing the deer. 

PZP (AKA: ZonaStat-D) is the best solution!

PZP is a dart administered protein that breaks the cycle of new fawns being born-letting attrition naturally decrease the deer population.

PZP is a WIN-WIN with over 30 years of proven success!

Reduce the Herd_PZP WQR Code_Last Page P

On December 18th, City Council will vote to use
$80,000 of taxpayer's money to
kill 80 deer in Tega Cay
PZP is a better & cheaper way to reduce the herd. 


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By signing up to volunteer, you can really help us get the word out about conserving Tega Cay wildlife!

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Let them know you stand with Tega

Cay Wildlife Conservation Society

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