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Deer Management using Non-Lethal Fertility Control

Wildlife fertility control can be an effective, affordable and sustainable alternative to lethal wildlife management methods such as firearms, traps and toxicants.

Q & A's on Immunocontraception from HSUS

Fertility Education from Botstiber Institute

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Community Success Stories using Fertility Control Methods

Culling to reduce deer populations is controversial and often ineffective. There are proven non-lethal methods that have been used for over 25 with great success.

The Hastings-on-Hudson Project, 2020 Update

"Out of Season" - the Fripp Island Success Story

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30 Years of Proven Science on the Effectiveness of Fertility Control

The Science & Conservation Center has applied birth control technology to successfully manage urban deer populations across the United States and the world. 

SCC Research and Scholarly Papers

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Solving Deer Conflicts

This conflict management and coexistence plan has been prepared by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for use by communities to humanely and effectively prevent and solve conflicts with white-tailed deer.

"Solving Problems with Deer" from HSUS

"Culling is Ineffective" from HSUS

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Protecting Your Garden

You can minimize damage to gardens with several varieties of solutions. Under mild browsing conditions, repellents may be all you need. You might combine them with scare devices.

Clemson's List of Deer-resistant Plants
Garden Design's List of Deer-resistant Plants

"How to Protect my Garden" from HSUS

Deer Repellents & Scare Devices from HSUS

Our own list of Deer Sprays, Devices, and Fences

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Co-existing with Wildlife

As development, habitat degradation, and climate change squeeze wildlife out of their homes, we can work together to handle deer conflicts with kindness and live together in harmony. 

"Coexisting with Deer" from HSUS

For more information about fertility control options or to further discuss the
process of conducting a pilot project, please contact HSUS via email:

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